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Dr. Steve Cook has practiced in Fort Collins since 2010. Those closest to him know him to be an extremely caring and loyal individual who is passionate about natural health care solutions. Upon meeting him it soon becomes clear that he is extremely analytical and knowledgeable in his approach to your needs.

He graduated Cum Laude from New York Chiropractic College in 2009. He also holds an undergraduate degree in Natural Resource Conservation from the State University of New York at Morrisville.

Our lead doctor was raised in the countryside of New York state two hours south of Canada - where the snow banks are high and the forests are full of hardwoods such as Cherry, Walnut, and Maple. As a young man, he learned the value of hard work and respect for the natural world while working on the farm until he left for college. Once in chiropractic college, he was drawn towards the Gonstead method due to its strong mechanical engineering principles of the spine and pelvis. It also proved itself to him by fixing his spine in ways that other methods couldn't. He has dedicated his chiropractic career to the art and science of the Gonstead chiropractic method. In 2012 he completed the 220-hour coursework at Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic to become a Certified Animal Chiropractor. He provides chiropractic care for dogs inside his office and makes barn calls for horses. And then in 2023, he became aware of the growing health crisis known as peripheral neuropathy - an increasingly common disease usually caused by prescription drug side-effects as well as lifestyle habits. So he began training with several mentors to learn how to implement the best natural solutions to reduce, stabilize, and heal the involved peripheral nerves.

Dr. Cook is married to his wife Jenifer and has two young sons. Together he and his wife experienced some of the toughest times while their eldest son was chronically ill for his first four years of life. Dr. Cook says it helped make him who he is today and gave him the heart needed when understanding the different levels of human suffering that walk into his doors. His son has since grown into a healthy young man and Dr. Steve and his wife are grateful every day for God's grace.

In his spare time, he practices Jiu Jitsu and lifts weights with his oldest son. In the winter they enjoy splitting wood together for the wood stove. Dr. Cook is also an avid outdoorsman. He especially enjoys hunting deer, elk, antelope and bear with his brother. His farmer roots run deep to this day and he cares for two Idaho Shag dogs, twenty-five fruit trees, thirty chickens, and a 1200-square-foot greenhouse that he built himself.

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