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Our Fort Collins CO chiropractic clinic would like to introduce Rossiter Stretching. Continue reading to learn about what Rossiter Stretching is and how it can benefit you.

What Is Rossiter?

Assisted stretching to release connective tissue where it's locked. Connective tissue runs throughout your body, muscle, and even through bone. This tissue can shorten, wrinkle, and tighten - like plastic wrap. Rossiter creates myofascial release to remove pain at its source, and restore mobility & function throughout the body.

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How Does It Work With Chiropractic In Fort Collins CO?

Loose, healthy connective tissue means an easier, more complete adjustment. The movement of bones and joints is commonly restricted by tight, short tissues. With Rossiter, your connective tissue will be free and smooth.

Please feel free to reach out to Brave Roots Chiropractic today with any questions you have about Rossiter stretching, and chiropractic care, or to simply schedule an appointment.

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