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Our Fort Collins chiropractor has extensive training in the Gonstead chiropractic technique. This system of chiropractic care is based upon mechanical engineering principles. It was in fact developed by an engineer named Clarence Gonstead who went on to become one of the most well respected chiropractors of all time. The basis of Gonstead chiropractic care is specificity and accuracy in all spinal analysis and adjusting. To accomplish this, we use five specific steps many other chiropractors do not. The analysis used is multi-fold at every visit and includes scanning the spine for thermal asymmetries using the Nervoscope instrument, fine motion assessment of the joint to determine misalignment and x-ray analysis to confirm the specific misalignment present. Checking your spine

before the adjustment is very systematic and never rushed. The outcome is an assessment that determines the precise spinal level that is affecting the patient's health. And lastly a Gonstead adjustment delivered by hand that 'sets' the bone as precisely as possible. The goal is not to crack and twist your entire spine. Instead, our goal is to adjust one, two or three bones accurately and leave the rest alone.

Our Fort Collins Gonstead chiropractor is dedicated to providing effective and reproducible care for all members of your family. Because the Gonstead method is so precise; it makes many patients happy to know all members of their family can comfortably receive the same type of adjustments. Our clinic routinely sees patients with spinal fractures, vertebral compressions, spinal fusions and just about every other spinal variation you could imagine. No matter if the patient is an infant or an extremely injured adult, there is always a reliable option for care with the Gonstead method.

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