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Fort Collins chiropractor Dr. Steve Cook, DC is a Certified Animal Chiropractor and adjusts dogsinside his clinic next door to Whole Foods in mid-town Fort Collins.

Dogs age just like we do and often accumulate similar injuries to their spine and joints. This can result in lasting damage to their joints and shorter lifespan in the long-run if it is unaddressed. Their spines are remarkably similar to our's with the biggest exception being they have 27 vertebra and humans only have 24. Having a trained canine chiropractor examine and adjust your dog can sometimes be exactly what your dog needs to heal, rejuvenate and unwind from the repetitive stressors of their lives. Stressors such as wiping out on wood floors, repeatedly climbing stairs, jumping off couches, and of course, backyard collisions with other dogs. Not to mention the athletic injuries that come with the typical Fort Collins lifestyle of trail running, biking and traveling with the family. Dog back pain is a real thing and so aren't the secondary health problems that arise from small, repetitive spinal injuries. Our Fort Collins dog chiropractor can help protect your animal and the investment you've made in having them with effective chiropractic care.

A new patient appointment for animal chiropractic care in our clinic starts with a conversation about why you have decided to come in. Dr. Steve will also want to know what your dog's life is like so he can start to formulate a running list of possible problems your dog is experiencing. Next, he will give your dog a canine chiropractic exam – focussing on detecting areas of abnormal gait, decreased spinal mobility, increased inflammation, and altered function. This is accomplished by watching the dog move and gently examining their spine. The assessment is highly detailed, analytical and precise.

Lastly, your dog will receive their needed canine chiropractic adjustments. This is usually performed with the owner's hands loving on the dog's face while Dr. Steve applies gentle adjustments to the bones of their spine, shoulders and legs. Follow-up instructions for home care are given if needed and a summary of your animal chiropractor visit will be sent to your veterinarian for their records.

Many of our animal chiropractic clients choose to bring their dog in for routine checks – monthly or quarterly, throughout the year. You are always welcome in for a quick wellness adjustment whenever you'd like. Visiting your Fort Collins dog chiropractor is always a great thing to do for your animal.

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